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AP5.0 X.Wireless


Wireless. Effortless. Magical.

Life Should Be Simple and Easy.

So Now It Comes in A Wireless Charging Case

Just take them out and they are ready to use with all your devices. Put them back in the Case and they disconnect automatically to save power. Speak into them and your voice sounds clear. Plus the Case can now be charged wirelessly too. Introducing earXaudio AP5.0 X.Wireless. Simplicity and technology, together like never before. The result is completely magical.

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Wireless Charging Case.

earXaudio AP5.0 X.Wireless now comes in a Wireless Charging Case which supports fast charging. No more fiddling with your cables as now you can charge your earXaudio AP5.0 X.Wireless on any Qi Certified Wireless Charger, Wireless Power Bank Charger.

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earXaudio AP5.0 X.Wireless has a Hands-Free Design, compatible with both Siri and Alexa. You can use for Business, Sports and Leisure Entertainment all day long. Plus it is Sweat-Resistant² too.


² Although the earbuds are sweat-resistant but we do not recommend underwater use.

earXaudio AP5.0 X.Wireless³ is now compatible with both Apple iOS and Android operating systems.


³ earXaudio AP5.0 X.Wireless is the only earbuds that work with both operating systems at the same time.



earXaudio AP5.0 X.Wireless allows you to pair 2 mobile phones⁴ separately at the same time, yes, we mean at the “same time” with left earbud on one mobile phone and right earbud on another simultaneously.

⁴ Compatible with both Android and iPhone

earXaudio AP5.0 X.Wireless is also designed with an intelligent easy to use Multi-Functional Finger Touch Button⁵. You can tap to Answer / Cancel a Call, Wake up Siri / Alexa, Volume + / -, Skip to Next / Previous Track, or even have a Three Party Conference Call.

⁵ Most other models are still using the traditional physical button, pressing it hard will make your ear feel extremely uncomfortable.

earXaudio AP5.0 X.Wireless has a built-in Noise Cancellation⁶ feature which reduces unwanted ambient sounds using active noise control.

⁶ Most other models do not offer such feature.


Bluetooth 5.0

earXaudio AP5.0 X.Wireless works on Bluetooth 5.0 Technology⁷, so it is automatically on, automatically connected once you take the earbuds out of the Wireless Charging Case. Unlike Bluetooth 4.2 or lower, you do not need to connect each and every time.

⁷ Most other models work on Bluetooth 4.2 only.

earXaudio AP5.0 X.Wireless works on Bluetooth 5.0 Technology⁸ with less power consumption, faster transfer speed, longer connection range, better security control and auto-pairing function.

⁸ Most other models on the market are on Bluetooth 4.2 or lower technologies.

earXaudio AP5.0 X.Wireless is small in size⁹ but powerful in function. Its Wireless Charging Case has a dimension of only 1.65 by 0.74 by 2.06 inches and has a weight of only 37g (each earbud weighs only 3g).


⁹ Most other models are bulky and heavy in size and weight.


The Result is Completely Magical.

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